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Marais Tournelles - Paris Apartment Rental
Marais Tournelles
$1190 week (low)   1 BR   1 BA    2
Any fan of Modernism will love this Paris one bedroom suite! This apartment is a well-crafted homage to the revolutionary artistic moment.
Montmartre Amelie - Paris Apartment Rental
Montmartre Amelie
$1450 week (low)   2 BR   1 BA    4
This Paris vacation apartment rental is located in a quaint and pleasant cobbled street in the heart of old Montmartre known for its views, its village atmosphere, still the rendez-vous of artists and the Sacré-Coeur basilica.
Seine - Paris Apartment Rental
$1490 week (now)   1 BR   1 BA    4
This one bedroom Paris apartment rental, is ideally located in the heart of Saint Germain des Pres, a short walk from the Luxembourg gardens.
Place Bourg - Paris Apartment Rental
Place Bourg
$1490 week (low)   1 BR   1 BA    4
Clean lines and elegant geometry are the hallmarks of this charming apartment rental in Paris. All the comforts of home are provided in this unpretentious Marais vacation apartment.
Vertus - Paris Apartment Rental
$1590 week (low)   1 BR   1 BA    4
Perched over the streets of old Paris, this corner apartment rental offers a glimpse of worlds past, and a view of the bustling life of today’s Marais.
Bourg - Paris Apartment Rental
$1690 week (low)   1 BR   1 BA    4
For visitors who wish to explore Paris on foot, this vacation rental is an excellent place from which to set out. This elegant flat places you in the heart of the historical Marais district.
Sorbonne - Paris Apartment Rental
$1790 week (low)   1 BR   1 BA    2
This is one of the oldest areas of Paris and strolling down the small streets of Quartier Latin is like traveling back in time. Entering the building courtyard , you feel like you ventured in the countryside in the center of Paris.
St Germain Dragon - Paris Apartment Rental
St Germain Dragon
$1790 week (low)   1 BR   1 BA    2
Nestled above the Rue du Dragon in the bustling St. Germain des Pres neighborhood, this one bedroom provides a quiet retreat with comfortable living, working, and dining spaces.
Lauriston - Paris Apartment Rental
$1790 week (low)   1 BR   1 BA    4
Casual, comfortable, cheery - every room of this short-term vacation rental in Paris has large windows, clean lines, and comfortable furniture.
It’s classy without being fussy, cozy without being country.
Quai Notre Dame - Paris Apartment Rental
Quai Notre Dame
$1790 week (low)   1 BR   1 BA    4
Overlooking a serene inner garden, this one bedroom vacation rental was completely renovated in 2011. Ideally located in the Latin Quarter, a block from the Seine river and Notre Dame Cathedral.
St Germain Sabot - Paris Apartment Rental
St Germain Sabot
$1890 week (low)   1 BR   1 BA    4
Newly remodeled, this one bedroom pairs the antique and the modern in both its architectural features and in its furnishings, creating stylish and dramatic juxtapositions.
Bourg Suite - Paris Apartment Rental
Bourg Suite
$2090 week (low)   2 BR   1 BA    6
Located in a gorgeous 17th century building, this fifth floor two bedroom has original wooden ceiling beams, hardwood floors, and contemporary styling throughout.
St Germain des Arts - Paris Apartment Rental
St Germain des Arts
$2290 week (low)   1 BR   1 BA    4
Centrally located, surrounded by shops and restaurants, this spacious one bedroom, air-conditioned apartment is nestled in a small building that has kept its charm over the centuries with a wooden staircase and exposed beams.
Mouffetard 2 - Paris Apartment Rental
Mouffetard 2
$2290 week (low)   2 BR   2 BA    4
Located on the 6th floor of a classic Haussman Building in the “Pierre de Taille” style, this two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment with balcony is newly remodeled. High ceilings and large windows provide natural light to the rooms.
Notre Dame Alley - Paris Apartment Rental
Notre Dame Alley
$2390 week (low)   2 BR   1 BA    6
Exposed beams, large windows, modern design styling, and bright colors characterize this one and one half bedroom rental near Notre Dame.
St Louis Gem - Paris Apartment Rental
St Louis Gem
$2390 week (low)   1 BR   1 BA    2
This exclusive one-bedroom Paris Apartment rental is located in the very heart of Paris on the Ile Saint-Louis. Ideally located within walking distance from most Paris major attraction from the Louvre Museum to the Marais District and Saint Germain des Pres.
Marais Rooftops 2 - Paris Apartment Rental
Marais Rooftops 2
$2490 week (low)   2 BR   2 BA    6
Lovingly renovated to high standards with the help of a brilliant young Paris architect, this vacation rental apartment combines the charm and style of old Paris with modern life comforts and conveniences.
St Germain Mabillon - Paris Apartment Rental
St Germain Mabillon
$2590 week (low)   1 BR   1 BA    4
This one bedroom duplex is characterized by bright colors, modern art, hardwood accents, and large windows and is located on the first and second floors (or American second and third floors) of this left bank building.
St Louis Roof 3 - Paris Apartment Rental
St Louis Roof 3
$2590 week (low)   1 BR   1 BA    2
This one bedroom corner apartment has hardwood floors accented with Oriental rugs, and three sets of floor-to-ceiling French doors, which open onto a wrap-around balcony. Located in a historic building, this 650sqft apartment has been recently renovated.
Four - Paris Apartment Rental
$2590 week (low)   1 BR   1 BA    4
This bright handsome luxury apartment rental is right in the middle of Saint-Germain des Prés. From any one of the four double-pane windows you can catch an eyeful of this bustling, lively neighborhood, and its most popular streets, Rue de Buci and Blvd. St.Germain.
Marais Village - Paris Apartment Rental
Marais Village
$2690 week (low)   2 BR   2 BA    4
This quintessential Parisian apartment is located in the heart of the vibrant Le Marais district of Paris. Ideally situated just a one minute walk from the Seine River
Golden Triangle - Paris Apartment Rental
Golden Triangle
$2690 week (low)   1 BR   1 BA    2
With tall ceilings and strong light, this one bedroom has a dramatic sense of space, particularly evidenced by the room-defining decorative fireplace in the main salon. Two minutes away from the Champs Elysees!
Madeleine Village - Paris Apartment Rental
Madeleine Village
$2790 week (low)   1 BR   1 BA    2
You will feel a sense of Parisian wonder when you step into this sleek and luxurious one bedroom apartment. Here creative design and an impressive attention to detail radiate out from every nook.
Marais Tresor - Paris Apartment Rental
Marais Tresor
$2990 week (low)   2 BR   1 BA    4
A bright and colorful living room offsets the designer minimalism of this fourth floor, two bedroom apartment on the rue du Tresor—a pedestrian street lined with flowers in the warmer months and just two minutes from Marais’ rue des Rosiers.
St Germain Nest - Paris Apartment Rental
St Germain Nest
$2990 week (low)   2 BR   2 BA    4
This two-level, brings together Mediterranean style, classic details, and modern design. It features a Veronique Husson mosaic bathroom, stylish use of woods and color, and a quiet atmosphere ensured by double-glazed windows that keep outside noises down.
St Germain Bonaparte - Paris Apartment Rental
St Germain Bonaparte
$2990 week (low)   2 BR   1 BA    4
Herringbone parquet floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, and contemporary Louis XV style, this French salon-style apartment has a classic but updated look.
Marais Elegance - Paris Apartment Rental
Marais Elegance
$2990 week (low)   2 BR   2 BA    5
This luxurious 2 bedroom apartment is located in the heart of the historical , lively and trendy Le Marais area, in the sought after rue des Archives. It is situated at the 2nd floor of a charming classical Parisian building.
Bourg 2 - Paris Apartment Rental
Bourg 2
$2990 week (low)   3 BR   2 BA    7
Located on the last and 6th floor, accessed by elevator, this spacious two-story rental is truly unique. With three bedrooms and two baths, there is enough room here to spread out and relax in complete comfort.
St Germain Abbey - Paris Apartment Rental
St Germain Abbey
$2990 week (low)   2 BR   1 BA    4
Imagine waking up every morning to a stunning view of one of the most famous churches in Paris! This two bedroom apartment is a jewel with an exceptional location in a vintage building in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.
Victor Hugo - Paris Apartment Rental
Victor Hugo
$3490 week (low)   1 BR   1 BA    2
This 970 sqft penthouse is located on the 11th and last floor and offers a panoramic view of Paris.
St Germain Address - Paris Apartment Rental
St Germain Address
$3490 week (low)   2 BR   2 BA    4
Just five floors to paradise. But don’t you worry, there’s an elevator waiting to take you up to this exclusive two bedroom two bath Paris vacation rental.
Marais Terrace - Paris Apartment Rental
Marais Terrace
$3590 week (low)   3 BR   2 BA    6
This three-bedroom duplex apartment in the heart of the Marais district has all the characteristics of a Townhouse. At 1,900 sq ft, it is unusually spacious and features a true rarity in Paris – a large (400 sq) private terrace.
Marais Gem - Paris Apartment Rental
Marais Gem
$3590 week (low)   3 BR   2 BA    7
The shape of this lovely little building is so inviting with its triangular facade. Luxury Paris apartment rentals don’t get more unique and charming than this one! Located in a calm little street typical of the Marais District but close from the famous Marche des Enfants Rouges!
St Germain Dauphine - Paris Apartment Rental
St Germain Dauphine
$3690 week (low)   2 BR   2 BA    6
From bed-side reading lights that are convenient and elegant, to the surround-sound stereo system, the owners succeeded to make this apartment as pleasant, comfortable and convenient as possible.
St Louis Mansion - Paris Apartment Rental
St Louis Mansion
$3690 week (low)   2 BR   2 BA    5
This stunning apartment is centrally located on the South side of Ile Saint-Louis, an island of historic beauty in the heart of the city and one of the most sought after areas in Paris.
Marais Estate - Paris Apartment Rental
Marais Estate
$3690 week (low)   2 BR   2 BA    5
This spacious Luxury rental is located in a land marked 17th century courtyard. The beautifully renovated apartment offers great swaths of oak paneling that serve to divide and make private the various rooms to accommodate a range of moods, or house guests.
Eiffel Elegance - Paris Apartment Rental
Eiffel Elegance
$3850 week (low)   2 BR   2 BA    5
Wake to the sound of church bells tolling from the Eglise Saint Jean. This remarkable apartment rental in Paris is located in the rear of the building, accessed via two lovely courtyards, so the bustling action of the street never reaches the sanctuary of the dwelling.
St Germain Universite - Paris Apartment Rental
St Germain Universite
$3890 week (low)   3 BR   2 BA    5
This lovely flat that gives you the impression to be in a country house (when you are in fact in the middle of Paris), thanks to the many apparent wooden beams holding the roof structure.
Notre Dame - Paris Apartment Rental
Notre Dame
$3890 week (low)   1 BR   2 BA    2
Stay at this cozy and luminous one bedroom Paris For Rent rental and bask in the endless glow of the illustrious Notre Dame. As you can see from the pictures, the view truly is once in a lifetime.
Madeleine - Paris Apartment Rental
$3890 week (low)   2 BR   2 BA    4
The living room of this charming Paris apartment rental is in high color, like a flushed cheek, in shades of rose and cinnamon. The entrance leads to this comfortable room with parquet floors, oriental rugs, tapestry armchairs, overstuffed sofas and fine antiques.
St Germain Rooftops - Paris Apartment Rental
St Germain Rooftops
$3990 week (low)   2 BR   2 BA    4
Here, every window tells a story: to the south you can see it all, from Carrefour de l’Odeon, to the Pantheon, to the Eiffel Tower itself. To the north, expansive windows reveal a breathtakingly panoramic view of Parisian rooftops, the Sacre Coeur, and the Notre Dame.
Marais Picasso - Paris Apartment Rental
Marais Picasso
$3990 week (low)   3 BR   2 BA    6
In a 17th century building with a superb listed staircase, a very elegant apartment with high ceilings, tall windows, antique french oak floor and beautiful wrought iron works.
St Germain Verneuil 2 - Paris Apartment Rental
St Germain Verneuil 2
$4390 week (low)   2 BR   2 BA    4
This apartment is located in a private landscaped courtyard with windows overlooking it. Inside, solid old money and innate French style meet in heady understanding. This apartment has it, quietly and lavishly.
Pantheon - Paris Apartment Rental
$4590 week (now)   2 BR   2 BA    6
Open and sunny living space with floor to ceiling windows offers a view of the Panthéon, a terrace, and a jacuzzi.
Paris Townhouse - Paris Apartment Rental
Paris Townhouse
$4990 week (low)   7 BR   6 BA    11
This 6 bedroom - 6 bathroom private house is located just a few minutes away from the Grand Boulevards, the Opéra, and Montmartre.
Tuileries Garden - Paris Apartment Rental
Tuileries Garden
$4990 week (low)   3 BR   2 BA    6
Tuileries Garden is a large and bright luxury apartment enjoying sweeping views over the Jardin des Tuileries, the great park in front of the Louvre Museum, one of the most attractive views in the city.
St Germain Market - Paris Apartment Rental
St Germain Market
$5790 week (low)   3 BR   2 BA    5
Experience the luxury of this three bedroom Paris rental, and you won’t ever want to leave.
St Germain Odeon - Paris Apartment Rental
St Germain Odeon
$5790 week (low)   3 BR   2 BA    6
This Paris Saint-Germain apartment is the perfect Paris vacation deal. Situated on the Rive Gauche, with its long history of decadent joie de vivre and cutting edge art, you are also within easy reach of some fine museums and galleries
Marais Penthouse - Paris Apartment Rental
Marais Penthouse
$5990 week (low)   3 BR   2 BA    6
This penthouse Marais apartment rental features a spacious rooftop deck above a grand two-story three-bedroom unit. Great views and thoughtful design characterize this unique space.
St Germain Concorde - Paris Apartment Rental
St Germain Concorde
$5990 week (low)   2 BR   2 BA    6
View the iconic landmarks of Paris – The Seine, Louvre, Palais Royale, Sacre-Coeur – all from your beautiful two-bedroom apartment located steps from these marvels of Parisian culture.
Louvre Royal - Paris Apartment Rental
Louvre Royal
$6190 week (low)   3 BR   2 BA    6
Crisp yet exquisitely dream-like, the Louvre Royal offers you your very own nook in Paris. Its beauty is almost ethereal; it is the perfect place to come home to after a day of discovering Paris’ endless wonders.
Trocadero Palace - Paris Apartment Rental
Trocadero Palace
$6390 week (low)   2 BR   2 BA    5
This stunning Paris vacation rental is located in the city’s 16th arrondissment and represents an excellent vacation deal. Trocadero Palace is one of the prettiest Haussmanian buildings and this 4th floor apartment has been renovated to reflect the building’s high-end pedigree.
St Germain Mansion - Paris Apartment Rental
St Germain Mansion
$6390 week (low)   3 BR   2 BA    6
If you imagine molded ceilings and softly illuminated walls, beautifully renovated rooms with every comfort considered, interior design that both beckons and awes, then you are correctly imagining the beauty of St. Germain Mansion.
St Guillaume 2 - Paris Apartment Rental
St Guillaume 2
$6590 week (low)   3 BR   2 BA    7
The apartment itself radiates modernist chic and spreads out over 2 spacious levels. It is the ultimate in luxurious contemporary living with high-end fittings and an elegant use of natural materials.
St Germain Luxe - Paris Apartment Rental
St Germain Luxe
$6690 week (low)   3 BR   2.5 BA    6
This chic Left Bank apartment on rue des Saints Pères occupies the entire fifth floor of a vintage building in the historic and fashionable neighborhood of St. Germain.
St Guillaume - Paris Apartment Rental
St Guillaume
$6990 week (low)   4 BR   3 BA    8
Very spacious, redesigned recently with exquisite taste, this luxurious apartment has 13-foot ceilings balanced by an original Ingo Maurer chandelier in the entrance, and French windows.
St Germain Eden - Paris Apartment Rental
St Germain Eden
$7690 week (low)   2 BR   2 BA    5
The apartment is housed on three stories of an 18th-century townhouse. For its recent renovation the owner has crafted an extravagant interior that perfectly showcases his interests in both Oceanic and African art and a solid design aesthetic.
Anjou Palace - Paris Apartment Rental
Anjou Palace
$7990 week (low)   3 BR   3 BA    6
This large and two stories three bedroom, three bathroom apartment offers a comfortable and well designed space with great views of the Madeleine district from the fifth story balcony.
George V Suite - Paris Apartment Rental
George V Suite
$8390 week (low)   2 BR   2 BA    5
With over 1800 sq ft at your disposal you might not want to leave your new Paris luxury apartment, but luckily once you do you will find the most invigorating sights of Paris right at your doorstep.
Movie Loft - Paris Apartment Rental
Movie Loft
$9890 week (low)   3 BR   2 BA    6
The movie loft is so Hollywood, it’s hard to believe you’re in France, but baby, this is Paris! This Opera-Vendome loft was converted from a commercial printing house originally constructed in the 1780’s.
Palais Royal - Paris Apartment Rental
Palais Royal
$9990 week (low)   4 BR   3 BA    8
The level of astute elegance you will find in this four bedroom three bathroom Paris Luxury Rental feels once in a lifetime. From the original parquet floor to the stunning chandeliers, every single detail in this apartment has been well thought through and exquisitely designed.
Notre Dame Royal - Paris Apartment Rental
Notre Dame Royal
$11990 week (low)   3 BR   3 BA    6
Just step outside to find a beautiful Park, the Seine, and the Notre Dame esplanade awaiting you. In less than ten minutes you can be at both the Luxembourg Gardens and the Louvre. You couldn’t possibly be any more central. Stay here and Paris will feel seamless
Vosges Royal - Paris Apartment Rental
Vosges Royal
$12290 week (low)   3 BR   3 BA    6
There are vacations and then there are vacations- experiences that take you so far from your daily life that you are changed. The ultra luxury apartment, Vosges Royal, is a looking glass experience, once through your perceptions are forever altered
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