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Affiliate Program

With 15 solid years of experience in vacation rentals, Paris For Rent focuses on providing the finest accommodations in the most sought after neighborhoods of Paris.

While numerous owners submit their property for consideration, we only select apartments which conform to a truly upscale standard.

Yet, confort is not enough.
Above all, we want to provide owners entrusting us with a high occupancy throughout the year.

Obviously location is decisive when considering adding a listing in our portfolio.
Most renters want to stay in the very center of Paris, often within a radius of 15mn on foot to Notre Dame.

Consequently, the demand is high for St Germain, the Marais or the Ile St Louis amongst other districts.
That’s where most of our properties are concentrated!

When it comes down to size, the data we’ve collected over the years clearly show that 2 and 3 bedrooms apartments are most popular.

Yet, they get some serious traction when the number of bedrooms is matched by the same number of bathrooms. This criteria is actually quite important for renters visiting with friends.

Our affiliate program is focusing on inventory, not renters.
We are committed to keep building the unique portfolio that our boutique agency is known for.

Hence, we believe that great referrals shall be generously rewarded!

Should we decide to list the property you’ve referred to us, our full net commission for the first 3 bookings we get is yours. Yes that’s right, 100% of what we would have earned as net profit on these bookings go to our affiliates!

As part of our corporate culture, we also commit to full transparency with them.

At a glance:

What we are looking for:

  • Upscale and luxury apartments (not the average AirBnB);
  • Centrally located: St Germain (best), Marais, Ile St Louis primarily;
  • 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with preferably the same number of bathrooms;
  • Views, balconies, A/C and unique amenities are huge pluses.

What you can earn:

  • our full (100%) net commission for one full month's worth of bookings;
  • one single successful referral can translate into thousands of dollars depending on the rental price;

How does that work?

  • provide us with your information as well as the owner's contact;
  • submit your referral (we'll send you and the owner a copy for your records)
  • make money as soon as we generate the first booking!

Start earning our commission today!

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Other Questions?
If your questions haven't been answered above, please contact us by email or call at 1-866-4-FRANCE (or Intl +1 415 642 1111). We strongly recommend that you call one of our representatives rather than e-mail. They are the best source of information and can bring up important issues that you may not have thought about for your trip

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