It's open-season for rentals during Olympic Games 2024 in France! LEARN MORE

We are opening rentals during Olympic Games 2024 in France!

Over the past few months, we've honed our portfolio and reviewed our apartments' availability during the much sought-after Summer Olympic Games in France, unfolding from July 26 through August 11, 2024. We are thrilled to announce that we are now opening bookings for stays in Paris during this momentous event!

For those of you serious Olympics fans who have secured events tickets, airfare, and are actively planning their 2024 summer logistics, now is the time to act.

Please browse our portfolio of properties, and submit a request for the apartment of your choice and your dates. Our team of booking agents will contact you to discuss availability, rates, apartment size, location, travel details, similar properties, and other preferences.

With our excellent team of greeters and hospitality experts on the ground, we are committed to making your Olympic Games 2024 in France a success!

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